What are the risks associated with betting?

The speed and frequency of gaming opportunities within a game influence risk. Activities that allow for frequent participation are more likely to be associated with harm and more easily facilitate problem behavior, such as chasing losses. Both suggested that the state could have employed more important preventive measures to minimize risks before legalizing sports betting, especially for minors. To combat this increased risk, every state must recognize that, for some people, placing a bet is not as harmless as it seems and, in fact, has the potential to destroy lives.

He also said that people with a substance use disorder or a psychiatric disorder are at greater risk of developing a concurrent gambling addiction, so doctors should evaluate their patients. The risk of addiction is higher for young adults and, in fact, sports bettors are more than twice as likely to develop a gambling problem compared to other players. Laura Zeppieri, an alcohol and drug counselor from Rushford who runs a gambling support group in Glastonbury, said she is concerned that the ads will attract new players, as they make betting seem so easy and harmless using terms such as “risk-free”. Given the risk factors associated with live betting, it is important for licensees to ensure that appropriate consumer protections are in place.

It is also important to have clear information for players about the functioning of the in-game markets, including the “cash out” functions and the risks associated with delaying video transmissions or delivering data to the player. The legalization of sports betting increases the accessibility of gambling and is likely to attract younger players, who are at greater risk of developing a gaming disorder. This means that betting will become even more normal and may attract younger players. Unfortunately, sports networks often promote sports betting without describing the risks involved, or these warnings appear in very small print.

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