How do you read an over under bet?

A bet at the end means that you believe that both teams will combine to score more goals, points or runs than the stated total. Conversely, a lower bet means that you think there will be a lower amount than the stated total. It all starts when the bookmaker sets a line before a match to predict how many combined points it believes both teams will score. As a bettor, you can choose if you think that the final combination of points for both teams will be higher (more) or lower (less) than the line expected by the casino.

The NHL's lines of play are similar to those of MLB, since the margin falls by the way in favor of the disc line, which also uses a standard of 1.5.By reading the three boxes, you'll gain an insight into how the bookmaker expects the game to develop. It's also important to note that even if you bet on “More” on a soccer match, for example, and the total score is already abnormally low in the second half, you're still not out of the game. Unlike the point difference, where the line varies, the standard running line is always 1.5 and the odds are adjusted to indicate the disparity between teams.

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