Personal loan for young students, unemployed or entrepreneurs

Among the companies that offer excellent loan options for young people, we find Postal service Italy, which has always been on the side of its customers, offering very affordable offers. Let’s see how personal loans work for students, unemployed or entrepreneurs.

Postal service Italy personal loans for young entrepreneurs


If you are interested in receiving funding in a short time and at particularly convenient conditions, Postal service Italy personal loans are one of the solutions to be evaluated. These products, in the “language” used by the Post Office, are called Fostal Bank loans. To meet the needs of the widest possible clientele, various solutions have been studied. The first category of customers we want to analyze is that of young entrepreneurs looking for a loan to invest in their business.

Very often, small aspiring entrepreneurs (often under the age of 30 or under 35), as well as all self-employed, can not receive a loan very easily because of the required requirements, including the presentation of the last paycheck. In the case of personal loans offered by Postal service Italy, the last tax return is also accepted as a guarantee. There are therefore different financing options for entrepreneurs.

In addition to the classic Fostal Bank loan, which allows you to receive up to € 30,000, we have the Fostal Bank Flexible loan, which offers two useful additional services: “installment change” and “installment jump”. Another option is for those who have received loans from different companies and are interested in “merging” them into one loan: in this case the option to choose is that of the Fostal Bank Consolidation loan. Finally, if the amount you need is not particularly high, in particular less than 3,000 euros, the product for you is the Fostal Bank Mini Loan.

If you are interested in one of the financing options described above, you can make an appointment on the website, indicating the office nearest to your home, the date and time you prefer. Alternatively, if you are a customer of the Italian Post Office and you are registered on the website, you can proceed with the request directly online. The documents that you will need to proceed with the request will be the identity card, the tax code and an income document.

Fostal Bank loans for young and unemployed students: how to proceed with the request?

Fostal Bank loans for young and unemployed students: how to proceed with the request?

As we have seen, there is no lack of opportunities for personal loans, if you want to contact the Italian Post Office. On the website of the Post Office you will find a detailed description of the various products offered, so you can get an idea about what is the best solution based on what are your needs. If you are young students or unemployed and therefore do not own the paycheck, which as mentioned above is the basic requirement without which it is not possible to proceed with the request of the desired financing, the situation will be more complicated than what just seen.

Receiving a loan without a paycheck is complex but not impossible. Obviously in this case it will not be possible to make the request online, in which all the requirements listed above are required. The best thing to do is certainly to make an appointment at one of the Italian Post offices, so you can have a comparison with an expert in the field to which we present our situation in order to find the best solution.

The obstacle to missing a paycheck can be overcome in two ways. The first is that of the presentation of a guarantor. A parent, relative or friend, who receive a demonstrable income, will be able to guarantee for us, and in case of insolvency on our part they will take over the unpaid repayment installments. The second solution, most likely only for the unemployed, is that of the mortgage of a property owned: in this case the risk is to lose their home.



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