Payday loan of 15000 euros: estimate and calculation of loan installment, how to apply immediately

All you need to know about the € 15,000 loan provided by the main lenders. Let’s see how to request a free estimate with the calculation of the loan installment. We will present the tables with all the different financing options with all the possible durations in order to compare the applied interest rates.

Loan of € 15,000 immediately: main features of the loan

If you need a € 15,000 loan, the solution for you is personal loans. These loans are perfect to meet any type of need. We are talking about loans that are called “not finalized”: this means that these loans can be requested for example to buy a new car, or to renovate the decor of your home, or even to organize a family ceremony, just to do some examples. At the time of the request we will not necessarily have to specify the reason why we need a certain amount of money and we will not have to submit any thick estimate. Personal loans of 15,000 euros can be requested from all the major banks and financial institutions, and usually the delivery times are quite short. From this point of view, general considerations can be made regarding the average waiting times necessary to obtain the requested amount, since these depend in any case on the company to which we address and above all on the performance of our specific practice. In addition, we must always consider the possibility that there are any problems that could cause the amount of money requested by us to be slipped slightly. The latter will take place through direct credit to the current account in the name of the applicant, who will thus have immediate access to the same amount.

As for the reimbursement, this will happen through the payment by the beneficiary of the financing of installments that will remain constant for the entire duration chosen for their repayment plan. The amount of each installment will be defined at the time of requesting our personal loan of 15,000 euros. Considering our specific case, given that the amount of money we are going to request has been fixed, the monthly repayment installment that we will pay will depend on a single factor that we can determine at the time of the request, namely the duration of the loan. Each bank defines a minimum number and a maximum number of installments where you can complete the repayment, so what we have to do will be to choose the ideal repayment plan for us.

How to orient yourself towards the best duration ? The main aspect to consider is of course the monthly expenditure that we will meet, so we will have to choose the duration that provides for the repayment installment that we prefer. However, this is not enough: at the same time, in fact, Tan and Taeg interest rates will correspond to each possible duration, which determine the “cost” of our personal loan as the amount to be paid to the credit institution for interest. By increasing the duration of the repayment plan, we can lower the monthly payment, but at the same time we will increase the amount to be paid precisely for the interest. For this reason it is good to find a right meeting point between an installment within our reach and interest rates that are not too high. To do this, as we will see better later, the best thing to do is undoubtedly to request a quote from our bank to better analyze the economic conditions of the € 15,000 personal loan offered to us.

Personal loans of 15,000 euros can be requested by going to one of the branches of your bank. To do this simply connect to the company’s website and consult the list of offices with their opening hours to the public. By searching for the branch, by entering your city or the address of your home, you can immediately find the most convenient office for you on the map. You will also have the opportunity to make an appointment, choosing the date and time you prefer, in order to avoid queues, especially on certain days and times. In order to apply for a personal loan of 15,000 euros, it is also often possible to proceed online, by connecting to the official website of your bank. Here, after calculating a free estimate in a few simple clicks, what you need to do will be to enter your personal data, your contact details and data related to your economic situation. In a few hours you will receive an answer, and if your request is successful, the 15,000 euros requested by you will be immediately credited to your current account. Thanks to the use of the digital signature you can then send all the documentation electronically, without having to go to the bank and all in total security.

Personal Loans of 15,000 euros: what are the required requirements

Personal Loans of 15,000 euros: what are the required requirements

The requisites necessary to present the request for a personal loan of 15,000 euros depend on the bank to which we address, even if in general the necessary guarantees are almost always the same. Usually the age of the applicant must necessarily be between 18 and 75 years. The age of majority is essential to have access to a loan, while for the maximum age some companies can go up to a maximum of 80 years, although in this case the maximum duration to be fixed will be lower and the premium for Risk fund will be decidedly high. As for the economic guarantees that are required by banks and financial institutions, they can receive the loan of € 15,000, first of all all the employees who have a permanent contract. In this case there will be no problems even for those who have been reported in the past as bad payers. As for those who have a fixed-term contract, a bond is usually provided for which the repayment term must be fixed before the contract expires, but apart from that there will not be too many problems to receive the desired 15,000 euros.

Retirees can apply for a loan of € 15,000 simply by presenting as a guarantee the last pension of the pension, which is the ideal guarantee for the bank as it represents a fixed income insured for life. Finally, self-employed workers can also receive the desired loan. In order to apply for a personal loan, the guarantee that must be presented is the last tax return. Obviously, for the request to be successful it is necessary that the customer exceeds a certain threshold of earnings for the last year. For this reason the bank will carefully analyze the situation of the applicant and consequently the delivery times may be slightly longer than the other categories of customers. Finally, can the unemployed request a personal loan of 15,000 euros? In this case as you probably already know the situation is more complicated, however there is a way to get the desired amount of money even without a paycheck and without guarantees. The solution is the presentation of a guarantor: the latter must have a pay check and will undertake to guarantee for us. This means that in case of non-payment of installments it will be the guarantor to have to pay the amount that has not been repaid.

Estimate for personal loans Ultranix from 15 thousand euros

Estimate for personal loans Ultranix from 15 thousand euros

The best thing to do if you are looking for a personal loan of 15,000 euros is to request a free quote online. This will allow you to compare different options offered by the company to which you are willing to apply for a loan, in order to identify the ideal duration based on what your needs are. The first company that allows us to request a free online quote is Ultranix. Through the website of this financial you just enter the amount you are interested in, which in this case is therefore € 15,000. Immediately we will be refunded the repayments we will pay each month and the interest rates Tan and Taeg applied for each of the different durations that we can choose. In the following table we have summarized all the characteristics of the Ultranix personal loan options of € 15,000, among which we can choose.

12 months 1,323.20 euros 6.91 11,71
24 months € 684.40 6.91 9.69
36 months € 471.80 6.92 8.98
48 months 365.70 euros 6.91 8,61
60 months € 302.30 6.91 8.40
72 months 260.20 euros 6.92 8.25
84 months 230.20 euros 6.91 8.13
96 months € 207.90 6.91 8.05
108 months 190.60 euros 6.91 7.98
120 months € 176.90 6.91 7.93

As can be seen immediately from the table, we are given a wide choice on the duration of the loan that we will request, as the number of installments ranges from a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 120. This is undoubtedly an advantage, in how much we can choose the duration based on what our needs are. Obviously our choice will be influenced by the expected monthly repayment installment, as it will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan and therefore we will have to be able to complete the payment every month. Otherwise we could face fines and penalties, so it will have to be particularly affordable. At the same time it is good not to choose an excessively high duration to avoid having to pay too much for the interests.

The nominal annual rate ( Tan ) is rather constant with respect to the duration of the loan, given that it will in any case be equal to 6.91% or 6.92%. As for the Global Effective Annual Rate ( Taeg ), the situation is different, as it is noted that as the duration increases, this annual interest rate is always lower. It is good to specify how the annual rate will only decrease, and therefore this does not mean that we will pay less interest, given that, considering the entire duration, the total amount of the reimbursement will be higher. So our advice is to choose the lowest possible duration. In this case, being a loan of 15,000 euros, the minimum duration allowed (12 months) is not particularly advisable, given that the installment will be of 1,323.20 euros. For this reason it is necessary to increase the repayment period, for example, to 48 months, with considerably more affordable monthly installments with an amount of € 365.70 and with interest rates of Tan 6.91% and Taeg 8.61%.

15 million euro Astrofinance loan: online installment calculation

Another company that can be contacted for a personal loan of € 15,000 is Astrofinance. Also in this case, through the website, it is possible to simulate our financing, which as we have already said will be very useful for the eventual subsequent presentation of the application. In the case of Astrofinance, in addition to the inclusion of the amount we need we will be asked for the purpose of our financing. Being personal loans there are no particular constraints related to the project that you intend to achieve, so there is no risk of non-provision of funding due to the purpose specified at the time of request. We will still have to choose our needs from those in the drop-down menu, as some features may vary slightly depending on the project we intend to implement. The table below shows the characteristics of the 15,000 euro loans for the purchase of a new car.

18 months 879.40 euros 6.87 7.09
24 months € 670.80 6.88 7.10
30 months € 545.60 6.87 7.09
36 months € 462.30 6.87 7.09
42 months € 402.90 6.88 7.10
48 months € 358.30 6.87 7.09
54 months € 323.80 6.88 7.10
60 months € 296.10 6.87 7.09
66 months € 273.60 6.87 7.09
72 months € 254.80 6.87 7.09
78 months € 239.00 6.87 7.09
84 months 225.50 euros 6.87 7.09
96 months € 203.60 6.87 7.09

The duration that we can choose for our financing in this case must be between 18 and 96 months, so the interval is slightly reduced compared to what we have seen for the Ultranix Ducato loans. However, it may be advantageous to be able to compare products that differ in the duration of only 6 months (in the previous case the loan options differed by 12 months), in order to better identify the number of installments that are ideal for us. As far as interest rates are concerned, you immediately notice how the difference in percentage points of annual interest is minimal among the different options and therefore we can practically talk about Tan and Taeg fixed and independent of the duration we are going to choose. The Annual Nominal Rate is on average 6.25% while the Annual Effective Annual Rate is on average 6.43%.

Considering the repayment installments provided for the various solutions offered by Astrofinance for personal loans of 15 thousand euros, a duration that can be recommended is for example 42 months. In this case, as we read on the table, the monthly payment will be € 398.60, a figure not very low but that can still be considered affordable. If you think that this monthly amount is excessively high and you prefer to set a lower installment, just increase the duration of your loan. In general, considering that the amount requested is not particularly high, our advice is not to exceed 60 months (5 years). In this case the monthly payment will be equal to 291.80 euros, a figure very affordable considering the amount received on loan, and therefore it would be an unnecessary expense to further increase the number of installments.

Cleopar free loan estimate of 15,000 euros

The last company to which we have applied for the calculation of the online estimate for loans of 15,000 euros is Cleopar. As for the other companies we have presented to you, even in this case the loan simulation is completely free and registration to the site will not be necessary. All we have to enter will be the amount we need. The graphics of the Cleopar simulator is different from that of the first two we tried. If previously we were presented with a click all the solutions offered by the company, in this case we will have to change the parameters to obtain the characteristics of a specific financing option. By clicking on the keys ” + ” and ” – ” on the sides of the duration we can in fact increase or decrease the number of months in which to complete the repayment, obviously between the possible durations chosen by the financial. To give you an immediate view of all the Cleopar loan solutions of 15,000 euros, observe the characteristics relating to all the possible durations, reporting the results in the table below.

24 months € 701.85 9.90 12,30
30 months € 574.97 9.90 11,98
36 months € 490.55 9.90 11.75
42 months 430.40 euros 9.90 11,59
48 months € 385.41 9.90 11,46
54 months 350.54 euros 9.90 11,37
60 months € 322.74 9.90 11,29
66 months 300.08 euros 9.90 11,23
72 months € 281.29 9.90 11.18
78 months € 265.46 9.90 11,13
84 months € 251.97 9.90 11,09

In this last case the interval of available durations is further restricted, in fact we can choose a repayment that goes from 24 to 84 months. The Tan interest rate is fixed at 9.90%, while to vary considering two different durations is the Taeg. This decreases with the increase in the number of installments envisaged by the loan, going from 12.30% on the loan from 24 months to 11.09% on the loan for 84 months, with a variation of more than one percentage point. As always, the characteristic that most of all determines the choice of a particular solution over another is the expected monthly repayment installment. So the best choice is the option that provides the shorter duration, among those for which the repayment installment is not expected to be excessively high based on the salary or pension received.

Based on the quotes shown in the table above, an option that may be advisable is that which provides for a repayment in 48 months. The threshold that we consider is approximately 400 euros per month, in fact in this case the installment that we will pay each month will be 385.41 euros, while the interest rates will be Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11, 46%. If you are undecided on what the duration is right for you, a criterion that will allow you to identify the ideal solution is that used in the case of assignment of the fifth. In this case, the monthly repayment installment will be equal to one fifth of the salary or net pension received. If, for example, your net salary is equal to € 1,800 per month, you could set a maximum payment of € 360. In this case, the 15,000 euro Cleopar loan option for you will be the one with a duration of 54 months, with installments of 350.54 euros and Tan 9.99% interest rates and 11.37% Taeg.



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